Weekly menu (11.12.219 – 15.12.2019)   II breakfast   Lunch   Snack
Wednesday   Broccoli quark sandwich[1]   Zucchini pasta with turkey and baked potatoes[2]     Rainbow fruits skewers
Thursday   Millet pudding with fruit[3]   Chicken with sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella[4]     Strawberry oat yogurt cake[5]
Friday   Banana-strawberry smoothie with goji berries[6]   Chinese style cabbage chicken[7]   Vegetable smoothie[8]
Saturday   Wholemeal sandwich with egg paste[9]   Salmon in light spinach sauce[10]   Meringues dessert with blueberries[11]
Sunday   Chia pudding with blackberries[12]   Chicken in exotic marinade[13]   Blueberry smoothie with mango and linseed[14]

[1] Sulphur dioxide and sulphites, milk, gluten

[2] Sulphur dioxide and sulphites, milk, soybeans

[3] Nuts, milk

[4] Gluten, sulphur dioxide and sulphites, milk

[5] Eggs, milk, gluten

[6] Milk, sulphur dioxide and sulphites

[7] Sulphur dioxide and sulphites, soybeans

[8] Sulphur dioxide and sulphites

[9] Eggs, gluten, sulphur dioxide and sulphites, milk, mustard

[10] Sulphur dioxide and sulphites, fish, milk

[11] Milk, eggs

[12] Milk

[13] Sulphur dioxide and sulphites, milk

[14] Milk

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